Quality is highly important to us

We provide high quality products and services to meet all our clients' explicit and implicit needs

BM Filtration S.r.l. checks its production processes very carefully. No product leaves the factory until it has been inspected and tested according to the checks required by our Quality System. Any defective products are substituted.

BM Filtration S.r.l. is also covered by “Product Liability Insurance” to compensate for any damages caused to third parties through the correct use of products found to be defective. Quality is highly important to us.

Quality policy

The BM Filtration policy is to provide high quality products and services to meet all our clients’ explicit and implicit needs, as well as mandatory requirements applicable to the products and the organisation in general. To that end and with the conviction that Quality is achieved by working together and involving the whole company staff, the management is committed to adopting and maintaining a company Quality System that complies with Standard UNI EN ISO 9001, 2015 version. The commitment required of all staff and collaborators is ensured with the complete and systematic monitoring of all business activities that affect Quality. For this reason the management has prepared a Quality Programme to define and review the set objectives for the relevant levels and functions of the organisation, at predetermined intervals.


Our success

BM Filtration has always considered it important to have a direct relationship with the client and to be flexible so we can offer a truly unique and tailored service.


Production is carried out by technicians with proven experience in the sector and by a team of skilled workers, guaranteeing quality, flexibility and punctual deliveries.

Business structure

Our business is conducted with the help of a consolidated group of experts with decades of experience and expertise in filtration technologies.

The contribution made by our suppliers is of the utmost importance, and therefore all company resources need to collaborate to establish, maintain and improve good relationships with them.

In this respect, the Management is committed to conducting on-going and constant research into management techniques that allow the company to stay ahead of competitors and maintain high levels of efficiency and effectiveness, guaranteeing client satisfaction.