Environmental certification ISO 14001

For BM Filtration, the ISO 14001 environmental certification is an instrument that establishes the principles for proper environmental management of the services provided and company production processes, which may provide significant results in terms of control and improvement of environmental impacts related to production activities.

The strong point of environmental certification lies in the research of communication and transparency, or rather, the improvement of relations between the company and control bodies, institutions and employees. Attention to environmental issues has many internal advantages at the management level as well as external in terms of image, and enable:

  • To rationalise internal resources: organisation and planning of activities to improve environmental management and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy;
  • A better working environment: involvement and participation of all workers in the management of issues relating to environment, to promote a more careful and aware mentality, even outside the workplace;
  • To control and reduce negative environmental impacts: improvement of the management of activities and services provided by the company;
  • To save on energy and raw materials: identification of possible reduction in the energy sector and on raw materials;
  • To constantly monitor legal compliance: constant monitoring of compliance with the relevant regulations, and constant collaboration with the surrounding communities and the authorities responsible for checks;
  • Promotion: positive advertising of the company to clients and suppliers, promotion and dissemination of an image of modern and efficient development;